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What is the BCTG Skills Centre?

BCTG Skills Centre is an impartial, independent vocational training organisation utilising its expertise to help anyone considering their future career, training path or educational options.

We offer Apprenticeships and NVQ's for a variety of vocational areas.

Our Clients

As well as serving professionals we also work with businesses requiring vocational training, updating existing qualifications or accessing Apprenticeships

We’re different from regular providers such as Colleges in that we do not possess entry criteria as such and every student we enrol has to attend an interview.

Over the length of the course that you access you will complete a set amount of both practical and theoretical units, this will build up to a portfolio of work which will be submitted at the end of the course in order to obtain a certificate from the relevant awarding body.

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What skills do i need to attend a course?

You don’t need any formal skills but a keen interest in construction is essential. The ability to be able to complete tasks to a predetermined standard and work to a timescale would also be useful.

What are my job options after a course?

Depending on which course you decide to attend career options can vary. Currently, the UK is undergoing a surge in construction projects and skilled labour is in high demand.

What qualifications will i get?

This depends on the course and the level you work to. Working to a 12-week long Diploma Level 2 in Plastering will give you the minimum qualification required to work on a UK construction site.

Where do I study and what is the centre like?

Both our West Bromwich and Glossop training centres are built to provide the requisite training for the particular course you decide to undertake. Our centres have large classrooms and work areas for Plastering, Brickwork and Joinery.

What does a course cost?

Speak to us about the availability of funded courses.

What equipment and tools will I need to provide?

All students need to provide for the practical aspects of the course are a pair of steel toe capped boots. Overalls and safety goggles, if required, are provided free of charge. You will need to provide pens and paper for the theoretical sessions and reference books are available to purchase at your discretion.

How long will a course last?

Dependent on where you attend. A diploma level course at our training centres is delivered over a 12 week period.

One More Question?

We appreciate that sometimes the answer to the particular question you had in mind might not be found on our website, so instead of taking a philosophic view about it, drop us an email with your particular question or questions and we’ll get right back to you with the answer.

Bear in mind that we only field questions on topics concerned with our website offerings and construction in general, we’re unable to help with queries concerning lottery numbers, mathematics, government policy or the number 42.

Got a question?

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